The Stavely Crest

Fairbairn Crest

In addition to ‘dateable’ early Staveley heraldic references there are other random references in Burke’s General Armoury and Fairbairn's which are undated and not even geographically attributed. The Stavely crest, this is not a coat of arms but sits over the top of the shield usually above the helmet, is given in Fairbairn's Book of Armorial Families as ‘An oak branch and a cross crosslet fitched in saltier’.   I found this illustrated in a handwritten coat of arms shown in the 1960’s American study of F. W. Staveley.

It was apparently sent from County Antrim in Ulster in 1899 to America in response to enquiries from Joseph Hind Staveley regarding the Staveley family. The only other odd thing about this matter is that the motto is shown underneath as ‘TUTUM REFUGIUM’ – ‘Safe refuge (or haven)’, which I have never come across before or since as a Staveley motto - another mystery to solve!  The Fairbairn Staveley Crest was shown above the North Stainley arms  and incorporated into the much later arms granted to Henry Staveley-Hill MP in 1907.


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