Bossall, Yorkshire

An early register entry shows the following child born to a William Staveley of Bossall:

George Staveley b. January 19, 1661 Bossall, Yorkshire


Ann Staveley married John COVERDALE on January 13, 1697.

Alice Staveley married Richard STURTWELL November 17, 1713.

Mary Staveley married James KNOWLES in Bossall on May 7, 1713.

Robert Staveley b. 1740 may be the son of Thomas Staveley and Jane GIBBISON of Pocklington, but as yet that link is unproven.  He married Hannah WHITELEY on February 5, 1776 and had the following child in this parish:

Jane Staveley b. April 14, 1783 Bossall, Yorkshire


Robert and Hannah eventually moved to Stockton on the Forest, and are both buried there at Holy Trinity Church.

Christopher Staveley married Jane ABBOT in Bossall on September 27, 1778 and had the following child in this parish:

Thomas Staveley b. January 22, 1784 Bossall, Yorkshire



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