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Between about 1833 and 1852 the majority of the Staveley family of East Witton and Aysgarth had relocated to Horwich in Lancashire.  It has been known for some time that George and Dorothy's eldest son William (b. 1807) was married to Bridget Regan in Marske by Richmond on February 28, 1829.  One becomes used to certain patterns of family movements, but Richmond always seemed somewhat strange.  Up to that point, none of the family had seemed to be in that area, and that begged the question, what on earth was William doing in Richmond?

The release of the National Burial Index provided a clue.  There was an entry for the burial of Enos Staveley on September 20, 1861 at Richmond St. Mary, aged 79 years.  This information enabled an estimation for the date of his birth of about 1782...and this perfectly coincided with the baptism date for Enos Staveley of East Witton (February 12, 1782), brother of George Staveley.  Enos' wife Elizabeth was also listed in the burial index, buried in 1857.  Finally some concrete evidence that the Staveleys of East Witton/Aysgarth were directly connected to the Staveleys in Richmond.

The marriage for:

Eneas Stabelear of East Witton married Elizabeth Peacock February 3, 1806.

They were married in Hipswell, in the Parish of Catterick, Yorkshire, approximately five miles ESE of Richmond. THAT SAME DAY a child of Eneas and Elizabeth's was christened:

Mary Stabelear, Christened February 3rd, 1806.  Father Eneas Stabelear, Mother Elizabeth Peacock.

An entry in White's Directory for Richmond in 1840 shows an entry for:

Eneas Stabler, Confectioner, New Road, Richmond.

Due to the spelling in the marriage entry, and knowing that Enos and his brother George were illiterate (evidenced by their mark of an "X" in the marriage registers) I believe this White's entry is likely to be the same Enos Staveley as was buried in Richmond 21 years later (and incidentally spelled Staveley at that time).  It does agree with the 1841 census entry below.  It does raise the question, was the STABLER spelling perpetuated further by other members of the family?  Numerous Stabler entries exist in Richmond during the same period as Enos' marriage to Elizabeth, not all of whom are Staveleys.  However, in this instance, it seems clear, especially by 1861 that these Stablers are indeed of Staveley origin.

By 1841 we find Enos and his wife as follows:

1841: New Road, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

STABLER  Eanis  55  Baker  Yorkshire
STABLER  Elizabeth  55    Yorkshire
HAYWARD  Elizabeth  10    Yorkshire


Enos Staveley's daughter Mary b. 1806 married William Fortune HAYWARD in Richmond on July 24, 1836.  Presumably the Elizabeth HAYWARD listed in the household in 1841 is William's daughter, possibly from a first marriage. 

In 1851 we find Enos and Elizabeth in Richmond:

1851: New Road Richmond, Yorkshire, England

 Enas STABLER  Head  M  Male  69  East Whitton, Yorkshire, England  Paper Maker
 Elizabeth STABLER  Wife   M   Female   68  Brompton on Swale , Yorkshire, England   (Formerly Servant)
 Mary JEFFERSON  Serv  U  Female  17  Meltonby, Yorkshire, England   ? Servant
 Benjamin ELIN  Visitor  U  Male  24  Armin, Yorkshire, England   Blacksmith


Living next door to Enos and Elizabeth, is the familiy of Henry and Ann PEACOCK of Hipswell.  Henry is presumably Elizabeth's brother.

The 1851 census for Richmond, Yorkshire also has the following entry for a William STABLER

1851: Castle Hill, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

 Henry FRYER  Head  W  Male  70  Birthplace Not Known  Agricultural Labourer
 William STABLER  Lodger   W   Female   72  Birthplace Not Known    Agricultural Labourer


Although there is no birthplace given for William, he is thought to possibly be a brother of Enos above.  William married Jane WRIGHT in 1802 in Richmond, and had the following children:

 Elizabeth Staveley b. April 20, 1803   Richmond, Yorkshire
 Anna Staveley b. February 16, 1806 d. May 25, 1807 Richmond, Yorkshire
 Jane Staveley b. September 27, 1809   Richmond, Yorkshire


1841: Green, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

STABLER  William  67  Lab  
STABLER  Jane  74    Yorkshire
STABLER  Jane  31    Yorkshire


ond St. Mary.  William died in 1859. 

William's brother John Staveley (1777-1849) married a Margaret FRYER (1778-1844) in Richmond in 1807.  It is possible that Henry FRYER above is Margaret's brother.  John Staveley and Margaret FRYER had the following children in Richmond:

Margaret Staveley b. November 27, 1808 Richmond, Yorkshire
William Staveley b. April 21, 1811 Richmond, Yorkshire
Isabella Staveley b. August 28, 1814 Richmond, Yorkshire


John and Margaret are found as follows in 1841:

1841: Maison Dieu, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

STABLER  John  60  Farmer  Yorkshire
STABLER  Margaret  55    Yorkshire


Margaret died in 1884.  John died in and was buried at Richmond St. Mary on April 22, 1849 at the age of 72 years.

Enos Staveley's daughter Mary b. 1806 married William Fortune HAYWARD in Richmond on July 24, 1836.

In 1861 the census for Richmond shows Enos living with his daughter Mary as follows:

1861: Fleece Inn, Market Place, Richmond, Yorkshire

 William Forton HAYWARD  Head  M  Male  55  Gosport, Southampton, England  Innkeeper
 Mary Ann HAYWARD   Wife   M   Female   55  Richmond, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper's Wife
 Helen HAYWARD  Daur  U  Female  22  Richmond, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper's Daughter
 Jane HAYWARD  Daur  U  Female  18  Richmond, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper's Daughter
 Enos STAVELEY  Father in Law of Head  U  Male  79  East Witton, Yorkshire, England  Retired Confectioner


In addition to the above residents, there are also 3 servants living in the household.  Enos died later that year in Richmond, and it is quite fortunate that he was not only located in the 1861 census, but that he also clearly states his place of birth as "East Witton".  This shows the presumption that he was George Staveley of Aysgarth's brother was correct.  Mary Ann HAYWARD (Enos' daughter) would have been the "Mary Stabelear" christened in Hipswell in 1806.

There are no known living descendants of these Richmond Staveleys.

Author: Clare M. Staveley


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