Hawes, Yorkshire

The early Staveleys of Hawes descend from the Sedbergh line.  William Staveley was born in 1816 and is believed to be the son of Robert Staveley and Mary LISTER of Ingleton.  William Staveley is believed to have married Agnes THISTLETHWAITE in the September quarter of 1844 near Settle, Yorkshire.  This would be consistent with their first two children being born in Bentham.  According to the 1851 census record, it appears they moved to Hawes between 1846-1847 around the time that son Edmund was born:

1851: Fountain Inn, Market Place, Hawes, England

 William STAVELY   Head   M   Male   35   Bentham, Gearstones, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Of 23 Acres 
 Agnes STAVELY   Wife   M   Female   35   Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire, England   
 Agnes STAVELY   Daur   U   Female   7   Bentham, Gearstones, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 Robert STAVELY   Son   U   Male   5   Bentham, Gearstones, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 Edmund STAVELY   Son      Male   4   Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 Mary STAVELY  Daur  U  Female 2  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 Betty ALLISON  Serv  U  Female 18  Dent, Yorkshire, England  House Servant
 Christopher ROUTH  Serv  U  Male 20  Burtersett, Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England  Farm Servant

Slater's Durham, Northumberland, and Yorkshire Royal National Commercial Directory, 1855

Inns & Public Houses

Fountain, William Staveley, Hawes

William and Agnes have the following children in the 1861 census:

1861: Fountain Inn, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 William STAVLEY   Head   M   Male   40   Bentham, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Of 50 Acres 
 Agnes STAVLEY   Wife   M   Female   44   Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Wife 
 Agnes STAVLEY   Daur   U   Female   18   Bentham, Yorkshire, England   Innkeepers Dau 
 Robert STAVLEY   Son   U   Male   16   Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire, England   Innkeepers Son 
 Edmund STAVLEY**   Son      Male   15   Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Innkeepers Son 
 Mary Lister STAVLEY  Daur  U  Female 12  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Innkeepers Dau 
 Anthony STAVLEY  Son  U  Male 9  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 William STAVLEY  Son  U  Male 6  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Scholar
 James DUNN  Serv  U  Male 57  High Abbotside, Yorkshire, England  Carter


The birth of "Edmund" in 1846 was registered as "Edward" in the GRO index.  It appears that William and Agnes may have had twins, George and Isabella born in 1853.  However they do not appear in the 1871 census, and an entry of death has not been located for them in the GRO index.  William's wife Agnes died in Hawes in 1867 at the age of 50.  The same year William's son Robert died in Hawes at the age of 22 years.  By 1871 William had married his second wife Isabella METCALFE.

1871: Holme, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 William STAVLEY   Head   M   Male   55   Bentham, Yorkshire, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Of 52 Acres 
 Isabella STAVLEY   Wife   M   Female   39   Stannix, Cumberland, England   Farmer's Wife 
 Edmund STAVLEY  Son  U  Male 25  Hawes, Yorkshire, England  Farm Labourer
 Anthoney STAVLEY   Son   U   Male   18   Hawes, Yorkshire, England  Farm Labourer
 William STAVLEY   Son   U   Male   16   Hawes, Yorkshire, England  Farm Labourer
 Robert STAVLEY   Son   U  Male   2 mo.   Hawes, Yorkshire, England  
 Eleanor Ann METCALFE  Sister in law  U  Female 19  Stannix, Cumberland, England   Domestic Servant


1881: Holme Head, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 William STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   65   Ingleton, York, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Of 50 Acres 
 Isabella STAVELEY   Wife   M   Female   49   Carlisle, Cumberland, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Wife 
 Anthoney STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   29   Hawes, York, England   Innkeeper & Farmer Son 
 William STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   26   Hawes, York, England   Innkeepers Son 
 Robert STAVELEY   Son      Male   10   Hawes, York, England   Scholar 


William's son Edmund married Mary SYSON in Hawes on November 25, 1876.  The family is found living at West Garth in 1881:

1881: West Garth, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Edmund STAVLEY   Head   M   Male   35   Hawes, York, England   Cart Driver For Stonequarry 
 Mary STAVLEY   Wife   M   Female   25   Osmotherley, York, England   Carters Wife 
 Agnes STAVLEY   Daur      Female   4   Hawes, York, England    
 Mary STAVLEY   Daur      Female   1   Hawes, York, England    
 William STAVLEY   Son      Male   1 m   Hawes, York, England    
 Robert HOLGATE   Lodger   M   Male   26   Bingley, York, England   Stonemason 


Edmund's wife Mary (nee Syson) died in Hawes in 1886 at the age of 30 years.

David Staveley b. 1830, the son of Henry Staveley and Mabel LINDSAY of Dent, is also found residing in Hawes in 1881:

1881: Shaw Paddock Public House, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 David STAVELEY   Head   M   Male   51   Dent, Yorkshire, England   Farmer 100 Acres & Innkeeper 
 Edmund STAVELEY   Son   U   Male   26   Dent, Yorkshire, England   Farmer's Son
 John STAVELEY  Son  U  Male  20  Dent, Yorkshire, England   Farmer's Son
 Bessie STAVELEY  Granddaur    Female  7  Dent, Yorkshire, England  Scholar
 Agnes MATTINSON  Serv  W  Female  35  Dent, Yorkshire, England  General Servant


Note: David's wife Alice (nee Sedgwick) is visiting the household of a Richard Sedgwick at Helmside, Dent in 1881.  By 1891 David and Alice are both back residing in Dent at Hole House.

Edmund and Mary (nee Syson) had two more children, Robert and Edmund, before Mary died in 1886. Edmund (b. 1846) is now a Widower in 1891, and found residing with his children at Burtersett:

1891: Burtersett, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Edmund STAVLEY   Head   W   Male   45   Hawes, York, England   Stone Waggon Driver 
 Agnes STAVLEY   Daur    U  Female   14   Hawes, York, England   General Servant
 Mary STAVLEY   Daur    U  Female   11   Hawes, York, England   Scholar
 William STAVLEY   Son    U  Male   10   Hawes, York, England   Scholar
 Robert STAVLEY   Son     Male  7  Hawes, York, England   Scholar
 Edmund STAVLEY  Son    Male 4  Hawes, York, England 


Edmund remarried in the summer of 1891, to a Mary LITTLE of Westmorland, and they had three more children (see 1901 census).  Edmund himself died in 1896 in Hawes, at the age of 50 Years.

Edmund's father William died in 1884 at the age of 68.  William and Isabella's sons Anthony Lister Staveley, and William are residing at Holme in 1891:

1891: Holme, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Anthoney STAVLEY   Head   U   Male   40   Hawes, York, England   Contractor (Carter)
 William STAVLEY   Brother   U  Male   37   Hawes, York, England   Contractor (Carter)


1891: Denver House, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Isabella STAVLEY   Wife   W   Female   56   Carlisle, Cumberland, England   Domestic in Charge of House 
 Robert STAVLEY   Son      Male   20   Hawes, York, England   Groom 


William's widow Isabella (nee Metcalfe) is residing in Hawes with her son Robert Lister Metcalfe Staveley, born in 1871.  Isabella's son Robert married Isabella DINSDALE on February 27, 1897.  Robert and Isabella had one child born in Hawes, William Lister Staveley born in 1897.  By 1899 it appears this family had left Hawes, and relocated to Hayfield in Derbyshire.

In the June quarter of 1891 Edmund (1846-1896) married his second wife Mary LITTLE of Norton, in the East Ward of Westmorland.  Mary is found a widow, residing with their three youngest children in 1901.

1901: Bridge Row, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Mary STAVLEY   Head   W   Female  33  Horton, Westmorland, England Charwoman Domestic Assistant
 Rachel STAVLEY   Daur  U   Female  9  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 Lister STAVLEY  Son  U  Male  7  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 George STAVLEY  Son  U  Male  5  Hawes, Yorkshire, England  


Edmund and Mary's (nee Little) son Lister was a Private in the Machine Gun Corps in WW1 and awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal (see Medal Cards).  Unfortunately Lister died of gas poisoning during the Battle of the Somme on September 15, 1916 at the age of 22, and he is buried at La Neuville British Cemetery, in Corbie, France.  Although Lister's exact role during the War is not presently known, it should be noted that the 15th of September, 1916, the day Lister died, was a significant day during the Battle of the Somme.  On that day tanks, which had not played in a role in the battle to this point, were used for the first time during this offensive, albeit with questionable success, and these tanks had been sourced from the Machine Gun Corps, 'C' and 'D' companies, the Corps that Lister was a member of.  At the time of Lister's death, his mother was listed as "Mrs. Staveley of Padiham, Burnley" in Lancashire.  This lead to the discovery that sometime after Mary's husband died, she moved Lister and George to 3 Beech St, Padiham, Burnley. Before the War, Lister was employed for a time as a letter press printer by Messrs Spencer of Padiham.

In 1901 Edmund and Mary Syson's son Edmund (b. 1886), Lister's half brother,  is living in Gale, at Park House, the home of Hawes solicitor Simon H. Willan where he worked as an office boy:

1901: Park House, Gale, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 Simon H. WILLAN   Head    M  Male   31  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Solicitor
 Mary A. WILLAN  Wife    M  Female   30   Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
 Esther H. WILLAN   Daur    U  Female   3  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 Gordon E. WILLAN  Son    U  Male   1  Hawes, Yorkshire England   
 Selina COATES   Serv  U  Female  23  Ainderby, Yorkshire, England  Mother Help - Domestic
 Sarah A. COCKBURN  Serv  U  Female  20  Askrigg, Yorkshire, England   General Servant, Domestic
 Edmund STAVELY  Serv  U  Male  16  Hawes, Yorkshire, England  Office Boy

"GAYLE, or Gale, in the parish of Aysgarth, it is nearly adjoining to Hawes, and may be said to be a member of that town."

Edmund went on to marry Agnes WAGGETT in the December quarter of 1914.  Agnes was the daughter of Thomas and Jane Waggett of Hardraw.  At the time of his marriage, Edmund was employed helping to run Strands Farm Simonstone.  Edmund and Agnes had a son William J. Staveley (b. 1915) and a daughter Nora (b. 1916).  Edmund served with the Yorkshire Regiment during World War 1 (see Medal Cards), and like Lister, he was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal.  Unfortunately Edmund died during the war on June 9, 1917, and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium.

Edmund and Mary Syson's son William is found residing in the Pratt household in 1901:

1901: Burtersett, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 James PRATT  Head    M  Male   48  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Auctioneer and Farmer
 Rose A. PRATT  Wife    M  Female   32  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 James PRATT  Son   U  Male  7  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   
 Richard PRATT  Son   U  Male   5  Hawes, Yorkshire England   
 Maggie METCALFE  Serv   U  Female  25  Hardraw, Yorkshire England   General Servant Domestic
 James MIDDLETON  Serv   U  Male  30  Hawes, Yorkshire England   Stockman on Farm
 William STAVELY  Serv   U  Male  20  Hawes, Yorkshire England   Carter on Horse Farm


It is unknown what happened to William after the 1901 census.

Edmund and Mary Syson's son Robert, was working as an apprentice tailor in 1901:

1901: Main Street, Hawes, Yorkshire, England

 John F. WEAR  Head    M  Male   33  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Tailor - Shopkeeper
 Mary J. WEAR  Wife    M  Female   34  Darlington, Durham, England  
Robert STAVLEY Boarder   U  Male  17  Hawes, Yorkshire, England   Apprentice Tailor
 Frederick COCKETT Boarder   U  Male   14  Hawes, Yorkshire England   Apprentice Tailor


Robert also joined the War and was a member of the Yorkshire Regiment like his brother Edmund (see Medal Cards), but unlike his brothers, Robert survived the war.

Robert's father Edmund lost a total of three sons during the Great War.  The last of the Staveley boys killed during the War was Lister's brother George.  Like his brother Lister, George had enlisted in the Machine Gun Corps (see Medal Cards), and was a member of the 32nd Division.  George  died on September 2, 1918 at the age of 22 years, and is buried in the St. Sever Cemetery extension, in Rouen France.  It is presently unknown what George's cause of death was, but this cemetery was primarily associated with a number of hospitals based in Rouen, and it's possible that George may have sustained significant injury and died while being treated at one of these local hospitals.


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